Irani (Claimant) –v- Duchon (Defendant)

Wednesday 23rd October 2019

the Defendant (D) appeals the order of David Pittaway QC dated 24 July 2018, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge in the Queen’s Bench Division, giving judgment for the Claimant (C) in the sum of £406,688.00; making consequential costs orders including order for an interim sum on account of costs of £150,000. All sums to be paid by 4pm on 8 August 2018 (all sums have been paid)

Related matter is C’s appeal against the same order (on quantum).

Claim for damages for personal injury arising out of a road traffic accident on 23 July 2013. 150,000 of the award of damages was a “Blamire Award” in respect of C’s future loss of earnings. Other sums awarded related to issues around C’s immigration status. C, an Indian national, contended he lost his right to indefinite leave to remain status in the UK (on the basis of 5 years continuous employment) following his dismissal, ostensibly on redundancy grounds, after the accident, by his employer.

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