Jalla & anr (claimant/appellant) –v- Shell International Trading & Shipping Company Ltd & anr

Thursday 30th September 2021

Application for permission to appeal, with appeal to follow if permission granted the order of O’Farrell J made on 21/7/21 refusing the Claimants application for an extension of time to supplement their existing pleading and evidence with schedules setting out their case as to when all relevant accruals of damage occurred.

There are two sets of proceedings: Jalla 1 and Jalla 2. permission to appeal  is filed in respect of each.

The Claimants contend that justice requires that they be granted a short extension in which to file date of damage schedules, and that in view of their limited nature a short extension of time would not prejudice the Defendants or the date of the damage trial.

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Part 1

Part 2