Malik v St George’s University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Tuesday 28 March 2023

By Appellants Notice filed 30 March 2022, Sidra Bilal and Hassaan Aziz Malik, the Appellants and children of the original Claimant, Mr Mukhtar Malik (Deceased), appeal the order of HHJ Peter Blair QC dated 12 July 2021, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge, dismissing the Deceased’s claim and entering judgment for the Defendant and making a consequential costs order.

The Deceased brought a clinical negligence/personal injury claim following elective surgery on 13 August 2015 which resulted in spinal cord injury. This followed emergency spinal cord surgery in 2014 leaving the Deceased with (non negligent) neurological damage. The Deceased’s death on 14 July 2021 was said to arise from illness secondary to his spinal condition.

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