Match Group LLC & others (claimants/respondents) v Muzmatch Ltd & another (defendants/appellants)

Wednesday 22 March 2023

By Appellant’s Notice filed on 11 July 2022, the Appellants (Defendants below) appeal the Order of Nicholas Caddick QC (sitting as a Judge of the IPEC) declaring that the Appellants had infringed the Mark, the Match device and the ‘639 Mark and that the Appellants have passed off their goods and/or services as the goods and services of the Respondents. The Judge awarded the Respondent injunctive, mandatory and financial relief and awarded costs in favour of the Respondent.

The respondents are members of the Match group and are involved in the operation of number of online dating sites worldwide. The Second Applicant founded the First Defendant to provide online or internet based matchmaking services to the Muslim Community.

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