Miller (claimant/appellant) v Irwin Mitchell LLP (defendant/respondent)

Tuesday 23 January 2024

By appellant’s notice filed on 1 August 2022, the appellant/claimant appeals the order of HHJ Cadwallader, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge, dated 27 July 2022, whereby he dismissed the claim and ordered costs against the claimant.

The appellant had claimed damages against her former solicitors, the respondent. The appellant was injured whilst on holiday in Turkey with the result that her lower leg was amputated. She instructed her solicitors to act for her in respect to a personal injury claim, which was later abandoned. The appellant claimed against the respondent for a loss of chance to recover damages from the insurer of the holiday company for a negligent failure to promptly advise the claimant to notify, or themselves notify, the insured.

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