Pipe (claimant/appellant) v Coventry University Higher Education Corporation (defendant/respondent)

Tuesday 16 January 2024

By Appellant’s Notice filed on 13 June 2023, the Claimant (C) appeals against the order of the Employment Appeals Tribunal sealed on 23 May 2023 allowing C’s appeal on limited grounds and remitting the claim to the Employment Tribunal in relation to C’s request for a promotion in 2020 only.

The case concerns the correct application of sections 15 and 19 of the Equality Act 2010 concerning the promotion and advancement criteria of an academic institution for a university lecturer disabled by his neurodivergent condition. The issue is how causation should be analysed by the ET.

C claimed that the rejections of his applications for promotion amounted to a failure to make reasonable adjustments,(sections 20 and 2021 EA 2010), discrimination arising from disability (section 15 EA 2010) and indirect disability and/or age discrimination (section 19 EA 2010).

The ET dismissed the claims. EAT allowed C’s appeal on limited grounds.

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