Quantum Care Ltd & anr (claimants/appellants) v Modi (defendant/respondent)

Wednesday 1 – Thursday 2 February 2023

By appellant’s notice filed on 18 May 2022, the Claimants/Appellants appeal the order of Mr Rosen QC, sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge, dated 27 April 2022, whereby he dismissed the First Claimant’s claim in deceit.

The Respondent had set up a new venture in the global provision of single-dose radiation treatments for cancer, called Ion Care. The First Claimant, Quantum Care Limited, is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands as one of the investment vehicles of the Second Claimant. Quantum invested $1 million in Ion Care. Ion Care ran out of funds and failed to generate any revenue. The Respondent paid back $200,000 to the Claimants. Quantum sought $800,000 by way of contractual repayment or damages in deceit in respect to inducing that investment, including consequential loss for the profits it could have made on an alternative investment. The deceit claimed was that the Respondent made various misrepresentations relating to the leadership, patrons, funds and ambassadors for Ion Care.

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