Re: B (children)

Thursday 4 August 2022

By an Appellant’s Notice filed at this Court on 30 June 2022, this is an appeal against the decision of Mr Geoffrey Kingscote QC, sitting in the High Court Family Division, dated 9 June 2022. The appellant mother, appeals the decision to order summary return of the children forthwith.

The case involves children who have been living here with their mother since their removal from Spain in 2021. The mother alleges that throughout the relationship she was victim to the father’s domestic abuse, where he was verbally abusive, controlling and threatening.

The mother’s case is that the father consented to the mother and children moving back to England. He had earlier in 2021 agreed on such a plan. His attempt to secure a visa though failed. His case was then that he withdrew his approval of the plan. The mother denies he did this.

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