Re: X (children)

Tuesday 26th July 2022

Appeal 1: The father appeals an order made by Sir Jonathan Cohen on 13 May 2022, by which the judge, at a first directions hearing, summarily dismissed three applications that the father had made: (i) for a stay of a previous order made by Sir Jonathan dated 28 April 2022 by which he had ordered that passports should be released to the mother which would allow the mother to remove a child from the jurisdiction; (ii) to set aside an order made by Sir Jonathan on 12 January 2022 recognising and enforcing an order made in the Russian Federation dated 18 March 2021 pursuant to the provisions of the 1996 Hague Convention; and (iii) for orders under the Children Act 1989 concerning a child.

Appeal 2: This is an appeal against the decision of Sir Jonathan Cohen, dated 13 May 2022. The mother, appeals paragraphs 2 and 4 of the order of Sir Jonathan Cohen dated 13 May 2022. These provisions provide that:

(a) Paragraph 2 says: In the event that the father and the mother are unable to agree reasonable arrangements by 31 May 2022 in relation to the time that the child spends with the father in June and July then the representatives of the father and the sides on the issue by 4pm on 7 June 2022 and the court will rule on the appropriate arrangements.

(b) Paragraph 4 says: The mother shall return the child to the jurisdiction of England and Wales by no later than 15 June 2022 and the child shall remain in England and Wales until no earlier than 25 June 2022.

Appeal 3: Application for permission to appeal, with appeal to follow if granted.  By Appellants Notice filed on 17 June 2022, the Husband (H) applies for permission to appeal Sir Jonathan Cohen’s order dated 10 June 2022 sitting IN PRIVATE,  specifically:

(i) the court’s refusal to release funds from a (frozen) bank account for payment of H’s incurred and anticipated legal costs
(ii) the court’s refusal to order a Single Joint Expert (SJE) to value Wife’s business interests in the context of the parties financial proceedings.
(iiI) to vary Mostyn J’s freezing order dated 12 April 2022 so one of the parties’ daughter’s legal costs (in proceedings under appeal to the CA) could be met from the bank account.

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