Times Travel UK Ltd (claimant/respondent) & anr v Pakistan International Airline Corporation (defendant/appellant)

Wednesday 9 March 2022

The Defendant Pakistan International Airlines Corporation Limited (PIAC) appeals the order of Mr Edwin Thompson QC sitting as a Deputy High Court Judge dated 21 February 2020 following his judgment dated 7 February 2020, whereby he gave judgment on an account and quantified the remuneration owed by PIAC to the Claimants.

PIAC is the national airline of Pakistan. The Claimants are travel agents specialising in flights to and from the United Kingdom to Pakistan and were parties to agreements with PIAC, pursuant to which they sold tickets to members of the public on PIAC’s flights in return for payment of commission. The Claimants’ claims in these proceedings are for unpaid commission due to them under such agreements. The action was tried in January and February 2017 and Warren J handed down judgment in favour of the Claimants on 14 June 2017.

The Defendant submits the Claimants over calculated their claims and that this only became apparent after Mr Edwin Thompson QC’s order of 21 February 2020 was sealed. The over calculation is in the sum of 1,339,826.19 pounds in relation to the First Claimant and 840,458.89 pounds in relation to the Second Claimant.

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