New Memorandum published detailing the response of the World’s Commercial Courts to COVID-19

Commercial Court

A Memorandum has been launched detailing the way courts from across the world are responding to the COVID 19 pandemic. The memorandum entitled ‘Delivering justice during the Covid-19 pandemic and the future use of technology (external site, links to a new tab)’ was a collaborative effort of the members of the Standing International Forum of Commercial Courts (SIFoCC). It provides a concise snap shot of the different ways in which justice systems have adapted in the current circumstances, and the future implications.

Along with an accompanying annex, which provides the specific position in 19 jurisdictions including from Australia, China and Brazil to England and Wales, France and Singapore, to South Korea, Uganda and the US, the Memorandum examines the ways in which fair and open justice can be maintained and the range of technologies being used to do so. The COVID pandemic has affected the courts of the world in many ways but the most stark being a large shift to online hearings. This SIFoCC work product goes some way in providing a detailed list of specific issues that the world’s courts are taking into account, and which will be important for the future.

The SIFoCC membership have acted quickly in response to the pandemic and this publication comes hot off the heels of the launch of the ‘SIFoCC Case Management International Best Practice (external link, opens in a new tab)’ document launched last week. Lord Thomas, Chair of the SIFoCC Steering Group and former Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales has said about the COVID Memorandum ‘This Memorandum demonstrates the importance of Commercial Courts working closely through the Standing International Forum to share information and best practice. This strengthens the ability of Commercial Courts worldwide to support national and international trade and business and uphold the rule of law. We are extremely grateful to SIFoCC members around the world who enabled the assembly of this Memorandum so quickly’.

SIFoCC was established in 2017. It is the global forum of the world’s commercial courts. The SIFoCC Secretariat is based in the Judicial Office of the Judiciary of England and Wales. SIFoCC has over 40 members worldwide which strive to share best practice in range of subjects and in doing so play their role in furthering the rule of law.

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