One year of broadcasting of sentencing remarks in the Crown Court


Last week marked the one year anniversary of the first broadcast of sentencing remarks in the Crown Court.

The start of live broadcasting of sentencing remarks enables the public to observe justice being delivered, helping them to better understand the complex decisions judges make.

The first sentencing hearing broadcast was on Thursday 28 July 2022 at the Old Bailey in London.

These remarks were broadcast on several major news outlets. Sky, BBC, ITN and The Press Association can apply to film and broadcast the sentencing remarks, with the judge in the case deciding whether to grant the request.

There have since been 34 broadcasts of sentencing remarks, covering courts in Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Swansea, Derby, and Nottingham. 

Hear from two of our judges,  His Honour Judge Mark Lucraft, the Recorder of London, and Mrs Justice Cheema Grubb to find out more about this significant milestone for open justice.