Upper age limit for jury service
The government launched a consultation on raising the upper age limit for jury service in England and Wales. The current age limit is 70 years old, which may currently exclude many people who would be ...

Judicial statistics 2010
In Post Justices of the Supreme Court¹ 11 Heads of Division Lord Chief Justice Master of the Rolls President of the Queen’s Bench Division President of Family Division The Chancellor of the High Court 5 ...

Judges’ Council Annual Report 2009
|Reports and Reviews
Foreword by the Lord Chief Justice The Judges’ Council Standing committees Working groups Other activities Appendix 1: Membership in 2009 Appendix 2: The current constitution Appendix 3: Judges’ Council committees and working groups

The Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity
|Reports and Reviews
March 2010 The Advisory Panel on Judicial Diversity, announced by the Lord Chancellor in April 2009, has reported back its findings and put forward 53 key actions which it considered necessary to increase diversity within ...

Orders for sale
Ministry of Justice consultation Council of Her Majesty’s Circuit Judges A consultation on whether to impose a minimum threshold in applications for orders for sale in debts regulated by the Consumer Credit Act. Where a ...