Register of Interests

This register of interests should be read alongside the descriptions of work undertaken by the different members of the Advisory Group (see the ‘Biographies’ section of this website).

Pablo Cortés

As well as the research interests and work with the European Commission, described in his biography, serves on the advisory board of NeutralNet and Youstice. He is also a fellow of the National Centre for Technology and Dispute Resolutions (University of Massachusetts, Amherst) and in 2012 he was a Gould Research Fellow at Stanford University.

Graham Ross

As described in his biography, Graham is a consultant advisor to in which he also has a small stock option. In the paper on case studies that he produced for the purposes of discussion by the ODR Advisory Group he mentions some pilots for which he conducted work for eBay and for the MoJ as part of his work for ‘The Mediation Room’ and ‘We Can Settle’ and which are included on the website for his work as mediator, for which he occasionally uses the ODR facilities of Modria.

References in the Cybersettle section of that paper to The Claim Room and The Mediation Room are to his own services.

Roger Smith

In addition to the work decribed in his biography, Roger has acted as consultant for various projects relating to the development of legal aid in Eastern Europe – particularly Moldova – for UNDP, the Open Society Justice Initiative and an EU funded project based in Vienna.

Tim Wallis

None of the ADR organisations with which Tim is involved have a commercial interest in ODR. Before being appointed to this Group, Tim had been making enquiries of potential ODR providers with a view to developing an ODR capability and in the future he, and probably one or more of the organisations with which he is associated, are likely to consider developing a commercial interest in ODR.

Bill Wood QC

Bill is a commercial mediator who practises from Brick Court Chambers in London.