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Collective Action Reform

CJC Responses to Consultations

European Commission’s Public Consultation

A CJC Working Party considered this consultation and produced the response.

Consultation Paper:

International Bar Association Consultation

Draft Guidelines for Recognising and Enforcing Foreign Judgments for Collective Redress

Minutes of events

Papers for the CJC

A note produced for consideration at the CJC Collective Consumer Redress Event in March 2008. The purpose of the note was to canvass for wide discussion the various design conundrums that arise in the procedural aspects of an opt-out collective action.

A research paper by Professor Rachael Mulheron, Department of Law, Queen Mary University of London. The paper was prepared in order to assist the Civil Justice Council in its consideration of possible reform of the collective redress mechanisms currently available in England and Wales. A draft of this paper was discussed at the Collective Consumer Redress Event in November 2007 and the current version reflects the resultant contributions.

Papers by the CJC

Improving Access to Justice through Collective Actions

In 2008 the CJC gave advice to the Lord Chancellor setting out a series of recommendations that aimed to improve, through the proposed civil procedure reforms, access to justice for citizens through collective actions. The MOJ responded in July 2009 committing to work with the CJC to produce draft rules of court for collective actions. In February 2010 the CJC submitted draft rules to the Lord Chancellor and the CPRC. They can be read here: