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Defamation Bill Consultation

Consultation Paper

CJC Response to Consultation

Working Party

A Working Party was set up by the Civil Justice Council to respond to the Government’s Draft Defamation Bill consultation. The Working Party drew together a breadth of experience and expertise and was chaired by Robin Knowles CBE, QC. Further details of the Working Party (opens in a new tab).

Summary of CJC Response

The CJC Working Party concluded that the main problem in defamation law was the potential cost of court proceedings and that the most important way of controlling this was through judicial case management. Amongst the Working Party’s other recommendations were that jury trial should be restricted to specific types of cases, that there should be early judicial determination of the issue of defamatory meaning wherever possible, and that there should be a wider range of procedures and remedies available , including “notice and take down” and declarations of falsity.