The Appointment of Senior Coroners

Following the introduction of the reforms in the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 all coroner appointments are now made by the relevant Local Authority in charge of the coroner area for which the senior coroner has responsibility.

Where a senior coroner vacancy arises the relevant local authority must appoint a new senior coroner under section 23 paragraph 1(1) of Schedule 3 of the 2009 Act.

Once a candidate is proposed for appointment the formal written consent of the Chief Coroner and, separately, the Lord Chancellor, must be obtained.

The following is a list of all senior coroner appointments made since 2013:

Date of Appointment Name Jurisdiction
30/04/2013 Mary Hassell Inner North London
10/06/2013 Alan Wilson Blackpool and Flyde
04/07/2013 Jacqueline Lake Norfolk
10/07/2013 Chinyere Inyama West London
19/07/2013 Tom Osborne Bedfordshire and Luton
25/09/2013 Louise Hunt Birmingham and Solihull
16/10/2013 Nadia Persaud East London
26/02/2014 Selena Lynch South London
12/03/2014 Katie Skerrett Gloucestershire
03/06/2014 Zafar Siddique Black Country
30/09/2014 Martin Fleming West Yorkshire (West)
01/11/2015 Geoffrey Sullivan Hertfordshire
01/04/ 2016 Crispin Butler Buckinghamshire
01/06/2016 Andrew Barkley South Wales Central
12/10/2016 Alison Hewitt City of London
22/11/2016 Clare Bailey Teesside
01/02/2017 Alison Mutch OBE Manchester South
01/03/2017 Alan Moore Cheshire
13/03/2017 Rachael Griffin Dorset
01/05/2017 Joanne Kearsley Manchester North
12/10/2017 Kevin McLoughlin West Yorkshire (East)
05/10/2017 Jeremy Chipperfield Durham and Darlington
09/11/2017 Sarah Ormond-Walshe South London
18/12/2017 Kally Cheema Cumbria
30/01/2018 Philip Spinney Exeter and Devon
01/07/2018 Nigel Parsley Suffolk
August 2018 Heidi Connor Berkshire
01/10/2018 Emma Whitting Bedfordshire and Luton
05/11/2018 Timothy Brennand Lincolnshire


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