Speech by Mrs Justice Cockerill: Learning our ABC’s: Thoughts about Commercial Dispute Resolution After Brexit and COVID

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Back in March last year it seemed impossible that COVID would bring our streets to silence. Back in March last year it looked Brexit still might not happen.

Here we are in June 2021: both have happened – and we do all now know life will never be the same again.

The question which confronts us is this: What do we do next?

There are two obvious things I could talk about: technology and how well we have done. But you have heard all that before and you don’t need to hear it again. Yes, we have done fantastically well; yes, we have proved technology can work; yes, we have moved to a post Brexit world without crisis.

But now we need to think about what we do in the future; and how we do that at least as well as we have managed the last couple of years.

For these purposes I’d like to focus on two main topics: (i) The personal touch and (ii) Our skills and the importance of not being complacent.