Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference of the group are as follows:

  • To conduct a review of the potential and limitations of the use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) for resolving civil disputes of value less than £25,000 in England and Wales.
  • To review and categorise existing forms of ODR, to consider their likely future development and in so doing to raise awareness and understanding of the opportunities and challenges of ODR.
  • To undertake an initial cost/benefit analysis of ODR as an alternative and accessible means of resolving disputes, identifying clearly any limitations and drawbacks of ODR processes.
  • To kick-start the policy process of considering options for ODR provision and regulation.
  • To take account of technological advances and developments that will affect the use and attractions of ODR.
  • To consider the overlaps between ODR and virtual courts.
  • To prepare a report for the CJC (in the first instance), with recommendations for next steps or further research required.