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Most cases from the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) are live-streamed on the judiciary’s YouTube channel.
Live-streaming of selected cases began in 2019 to improve public access to, and understanding of, the work of the courts. We are working towards making it possible for all appropriate cases to be live streamed

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Tuesday 18 – Friday 21 June 2024

(1) Allianz Insurance Plc & ors (defendants/appellants) v London International Exhibition Centre Plc (claimant/respondent)
(2) Kaizen Cuisine Limited & Ors (claimants/respondents) v HDI Global SE – UK Branch (defendant/appellant)
(3) AXA Insurance UK PLC (defendant/appellant) v Mayfair Banqueting Limited (claimant/respondent)
(4) Why Not Bar and Lounge Ltd (claimant/respondent) v Zenith Insurance PLC & anr (defendants/appellants)
(5) Ageas Insurance Limited (appellant) v Hair Lab Ltd & ors (respondent)
(6) HairLab Ltd & ors (appellants) v Ageas Insurance Ltd (respondents)

This judgment concerned a number of preliminary issues in six expedited test cases heard in succession between 24 April and 4 May 2023. The claims were made in 6 separate actions in respect of business interruption (“BI”) losses allegedly suffered by a number of different policyholders.

The policyholders in each test case claim to have suffered significant BI losses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Each policyholder had a form of ‘at the premises’ or “ATP” disease cover in their BI insurance policy.

Tuesday 25 – Wednesday 26 June 2024

Riley & anr (claimants/appellants) v National Westminster Bank PLC (defendant/respondent)

By appellant’s notice filed on 30 November 2023, the claimants appeal the order of Freedman J, sitting in the High Court, Business and Property Courts, dated 2 November 2023 (judgment on 29 September 2023), whereby he ordered that the claim be dismissed, judgment entered on the counterclaim of £2,750,000 inclusive of interest and made consequential orders.

Background – The case arises out of a relationship between a company called Riley (Holdings) Limited (“RHL”) and NatWest (“the Bank”). The Bank had made a series of loans to RHL to finance a high quality residential development. In 2012, the Bank served a series of demands for repayment of the loans and then placed RHL into administration. Following various allegations made against the Bank thereafter, the claimants and the Bank entered into a Settlement Deed on 12 November 2014.

Tuesday 25 – Wednesday 26 June 2024

Markou (respondent) v The Financial Conduct Authority (appellant)

By Appellant’s Notice, filed on 27 June 2023, the FCA appeal the decision, dated 27 April 2023, of the Upper Tribunal (Tax Chamber) in which it overturned a Decision Notice of the FCA issued on 29 January 2021.

Tuesday 25 – Thursday 27 June 2024

British Broadcasting Corporation (claimant/appellant) v BBC Pension Trust Limited & anr (defendants/respondents)

By appellant’s notice filed and sealed on 13 October 2023, the claimant/appellant, the BBC, appeals, with his permission, the order of Johnson J, sitting in the High Court Chancery Division, dated 28 July 2023. Johnson J granted detailed declarations as to the scope of the third proviso to the power of amendment contained in the BBC Pension Scheme.

Wednesday 26 June 2024

Clarke (claimant/appellant) v Secretary of State for Justice (defendant/respondent)

The Appellant challenges the decision of Clive Sheldon KC dated 13 October 2022 to dismiss his claim for judicial review challenging the Respondent’s decision to maintain his status as a category A prisoner.

In 2008 the Applicant was convicted of murdering his previous partner. He was sentenced to a mandatory life sentence.

On 19th January 2021, a decision was taken on behalf of the Secretary of State for Justice to maintain the Applicant’s Category A status. This decision was upheld on review on 25th March 2021. The Claimant challenged the process that led to these two decisions.

Clive Sheldon KC dismissed the claim, finding that the Respondent did not fail to apply its published policy and further that there was no procedural unfairness.

Wednesday 26 – Thursday 27 June 2024

MW High Tech Projects UK Ltd (claimant/respondent) v Outotec (USA) Inc. & anr (defendants/appellants)

By Appellant’s Notice filed on 21 December 2023, the Defendants appeal against parts of the order made by HHJ Stephen Davies KC (sitting as a High Court Judge) dated 17 November 2023.

The C’s claim against the Ds was pleaded on basis of (1) misrepresentation (including fraudulent misrepresentation) and (2) breach of contract . The judge found for Ds and gave summary judgment in their favour on the claim in contract.

But the judge permitted the claim in misrepresentation to proceed.

The Ds submit that C’s claim in fraudulent misrepresentation should be struck out as an abuse of process.

Wednesday 26 (2:00pm) – Thursday 27 June 2024

Virgin Media Ltd (appellant) v NTL Pension Trustees II Ltd & ors (respondents)

By Appellant’s Notice filed on 1 September 2023, Virgin Media Ltd appeal, with permission, the Order of Mrs Justice Bacon dated 16 June 2023 in which she made declarations in relation to variations made to the Rules of the National Transcommunications Limited Pension Plan, (the Plan).

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