The Review Sub-groups

It was identified at an early stage that the work of the Review would be facilitated by the creation of a number of thematically arranged sub-groups. Each group is tasked with identifying the problems occurring within its own ‘theme’. Each group is also, perhaps most importantly, tasked with finding a workable solution to each of those problems.

Three sub-groups have been created:

1) Case Management (Chaired by Professor David Ormerod);

2) Listing & IT (Chaired by Lord Justice Fulford)

3) The Trial (Chaired by Mr Justice Openshaw)

In addition to the Chair, each sub-group is comprised of representatives from the Law Society, the Judiciary, HMCTS, the police, the Magistrate’s Association, the Bar, the CPS and other criminal justice stakeholder organisations. Each of those representatives has been tasked with gathering information from as wide an audience as possible within that organisation.

The sub-groups meet on a regular basis to discuss ideas arising from the information they have gathered. A plenary group meeting is held to assess progress across the three groups and more broadly.

The Review will also be examining carefully what lessons may be learned from previous attempts to improve the efficiency of criminal proceedings. It also considers current and future criminal justice programmes. That aspect of the research is focused not just here in England & Wales but also on such programmes in a significant number of other jurisdictions, both from the common-law tradition and wider afield.