Transforming Summary Justice (TSJ) Renewal Programme

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On 28 June a webinar for the judiciary and representatives from all criminal justice agencies was held to provide details of the refreshed principles of Transforming Summary Justice (TSJ) in the Magistrates’ Courts together with an outline of how each agency would support these valuable principles.

From Monday 3 July, these revised principles will be relaunched and Courts will expect the characteristics outlined in the attached document to be applied. Taken together, these will help to deliver a more effective and efficient approach to summary justice. The renewed TSJ principles will also be provided in the form of a short guide which will be available in each Magistrates’ Court.

A series of seminars will be taking place across the country throughout July, organised by the Heads of Legal Operations, which will provide further information about the renewal programme and provide the opportunity to raise any questions. 

The success of this work will be dependent upon everyone working together to support and comply with TSJ principles. There will be ongoing monitoring of the renewal programme throughout the Magistrates’ Court governance structure.

Yours sincerely,

The Hon Mr Justice Jeremy Baker

You can find out more about the new TSJ Characteristics in the PDF below.