Judicial Assistants in the Court of Appeal

Applications will be invited for a number of fixed term posts assisting Lord and Lady Justices of Appeal. During their period with the Court the judicial assistants will give invaluable help to members of the court by analysis of appeal papers and legal research clarifying issues in advance of an appeal as well as sorting out the shape and nature of appeals in less well presented cases.

There is no fixed profile for a successful candidate but the post of judicial assistant is intended to provide entrants to the legal profession with a unique opportunity to work at close quarters with judicial members of the court. Typically a candidate will have graduated with an excellent degree (2:1 or better) and have practical experience in legal research. Experience gained in the early years of practice is valued although not essential. A judicial assistant must demonstrate high intellectual ability, incisiveness and an ability to work well under pressure. Excellent IT and written skills are also essential.

The next recruitment campaign will commence in mid-March 2018 when the posts will be advertised as follows:

  • On Civil Service Jobs website
  • On the Ministry of Justice Jobs website
  • In Job Centre Plus

The period of service will cover 1 October 2018 to 31 July 2019.

For further information please contact civilappeals.admin@justice.gov.uk

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