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The Court of Appeal (Civil Division) – Live streaming of court hearings


How and why are court cases being streamed online?

Selected cases from the Court of Appeal (Civil Division) are now being live-streamed on the judiciary’s YouTube channel.

Live-streaming of selected cases began in November 2018 to improve public access to, and understanding of, the work of the courts. It is anticipated that every hearing in Court 71 (the Master of the Rolls’ court) will be live streamed.

View previous cases on the Court of Appeal video archive page.

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31st July 2020

At 4.00 pm

Handed down Judgment in the matter of:

Packham -v-v The Secretary of State for Transport and others

Application for permission to appeal with appeal to follow if granted, the decision of the High Court, Divisional Court dated 7 April 2020 which refused permission to apply for judicial review.

The appellant seeks to challenge the decision of the Secretary of State to continue with the HS2 rail project, including the prevention of clearance works in ancient woodlands

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30th July 2020

At 10.30 am

Court 71

Primus International Holding Company and others -v- Triumph Controls – UK Ltd and another

This is an appeal against an order of the High Court (Technology and Construction Court) in relation to goodwill.  This concerns a narrow but important point of construction as to the meaning of a clause in the share purchase agreement excluding any claim for lost goodwill.

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You can view previous cases on the Court of Appeal video archive page