Training for Judges sitting in the Criminal, Civil & Family Courts

Directors of Training (High Court Judges) are responsible for overseeing the provision, the reviewing, and the development of high-quality programmes of induction, continuation and specialist training for their respective jurisdictions. They will also ensure that identified training and learning needs are met in a timely and cost-effective way and that all training includes consideration of potential social context issues.

Directors of Training are supported by jurisdictional planning groups in the detailed delivery of individual courses and training programmes. Details of continuing education seminars are contained in the annual Courts Prospectus.

The membership of these groups is usually the Director of Training, the Course Directors (Circuit/District Judges), the Director of Studies for Courts’ Judiciary (a Circuit Judge), a College Education Adviser, and the College’s Executive Director.

In addition, the Directors of Training for Criminal and Family will work together with the Magisterial sub-committees where there are common criminal and family jurisdictional training needs.