Tribunals Training

The Tribunals Committee has overall responsibility for Tribunals judicial training with jurisdiction in England and for reserved Tribunals in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

The Committee carries out general high level oversight of implementation of College Board policy and the development and delivery of judicial training across Tribunals and will, when appropriate, take account of the interests of devolved Tribunals and those Tribunals which subsequently transfer into HMCTS.

The following training groups/sub-committees within the tribunals are responsible for planning and delivering training within their respective jurisdictions:

Employment Tribunal (England & Wales) National Training Panel
Immigration & Asylum Tribunal Immigration & Asylum Chamber (First Tier and Upper Tribunal) Judicial Training Committee
Social Security & Child Support Tribunal (SSCS) Judicial Training Committee
Adjudicator to the Land Tribunal ALR Judicial Training Committee
War Pension & Armed Forces Compensation Tribunal Judicial Studies Planning Group
First Tier Tax Tax Tribunals Training Committee
Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals Chamber) Judicial Studies Committee
Property Chamber Property Chamber Training Committee
Residential Property Tribunal 1st Tier (property chamber) Residential

Property Training Committee

Mental Health Tribunal HESC Mental Health Tribunal National Training Committee


The remaining Chambers do not have formal groups/sub-committees, but a member of the judiciary within each Chamber takes lead responsibility for training within the Chamber.