Magistrates training overview

Induction and consolidation training programmes are delivered to newly appointed legal advisers sitting in Adult, Family and Youth Courts.

New chairs of benches, Justices’ Training, Approvals, Authorisations and Appraisals Committees (JTAAAC) and family panels (FPC) attend practical workshops in preparations for their appointment.

District Judges of the Magistrates’ courts and their deputies attend induction training and continuation seminars covering all jurisdictions.

The College provides guidance in the form of Adult, Family and Youth bench books for use in court and good practice guides for Magistrate Area Training Committees (MATC), JTAAACs and on the running of appraiser and mentoring schemes.

All other training of magistrates and legal advisers is delivered locally. The College provides training materials for this purpose. The College prepares national materials for local delivery on major legislative changes.

The College sets national standards for the training of magistrates and legal advisers, and monitors and evaluates training provided.

Details of the support and courses provided can be found in the Judicial College Review of activities.