Judicial Press Office

We deal with media enquiries (from journalists only) including out of hours calls relating to judges in England and Wales including all tribunal judges and magistrates. 

Please note we are the press office for judicial office holders only. If your query relates to another part of the courts or justice system including times of hearings and details of court orders please check the numbers at the foot of this page.

Members of the public can email website.enquiries@judiciary.uk

Press enquiries email address: press.enquiries@judiciary.uk

If you are calling out of office hours (Mon-Fri 5.30pm-9am) please call the paging service on 07623 514943 and your message will be sent to the press officer on duty.

Daytime contacts – to be used by journalists only (office hours):

Lisa Allera, head of news, including family division
07782 227 148

Katy Durrans, senior press officer, including family and media law
07816 303 310

Jake Conneely senior press officer, including civil justice and magistrates
07720 157883

Hannah Smith senior press officer, including criminal law
07926 702656

Jonathan Irwin press officer, tribunals
07929 650748

Freya Wilks press officer, including civil justice and criminal law

Other useful information

Legal Advice

We are unable to offer legal advice or help members of the public with their court cases.

Courts and tribunals

General queries about courts and the HMCTS court service should be addressed to the courts desk in the Ministry of Justice press office on: 020 3334 3536

Queries about specific courts, including times of hearings and for details of court orders should be addressed to the individual court. See the Court and Tribunal finder (contacts)

Other organisations

Judicial Appointments Commission – enquiries@judicialappointments.gov.uk

Crown Prosecution Service – 020 3357 0906

Attorney General’s Office – 020 7271 2440 / 2484 / 2465

Ministry of Justice – 020 3334 3536