Information about facilities

The Rolls Building has:

  • 31 court rooms, including three ‘super courts’ to handle the very largest international and national high value disputes and 4 courts configured in ‘landscape’ format for multi party cases;
  • 55 consultation rooms. Many of these are pre-bookable (see Conference room booking – below) with a range of facilities;
  • In court facilities for parties to use state of the art trial management systems including simultaneous electronic transcripts and systems for the electronic display of documents. Video-conferencing facilities and simultaneous-translation booths can be made available in courtrooms
  • Full WiFi connectivity throughout the building (BT Openzone). Parties can add their own cabled broadband in any court.

Rolls Building Layout

The Business and Property Courts are located mainly on the first three floors of the Rolls Building. More details and a floorplan are available online.

  • Ground Floor: Security, Registry Counter and Advocates’ Suite.
  • First Floor: Courts 1 – 6 and Consultation Rooms 1 – 12.
  • Second Floor: Courts 7 – 17 and Consultation Rooms 13 – 33.
  • Third Floor: Courts 18 – 29 and Consultation Rooms 34 – 50.
  • Fourth Floor: Offices – no public access.
  • Fifth Floor: Courts 30 – 31 and Consultation Rooms 51 – 55
Ground floor
First floor
Second floor
Third floor
Fifth floor

Conference room booking

Please email to arrange this.


  • Large room up to 12 (twelve) people @ £220:00 + VAT
  • Medium room up to 8 (eight) people @ £165:00 + VAT
  • Small room up to 4 (four) people @ £110:00 + VAT

The above are daily rates or any part thereof (there are no hourly or part day rates available)

Keys may be collected from 9am.

Catering Deliveries can be arranged via external providers.