Business List

The scope of the Chancery Business List is broad. It includes a wide range of national and international business disputes concerning business structure (companies, LLPs, partnerships, etc), the sale and purchase of businesses, claims for professional negligence, claims for breach of contract and rectification as well as other equitable remedies. If a claim does not fall within any other list or sub-list it should be issued in the Business List.

The Business List has two sub-lists:

  • The Financial Services and Regulatory List (FS): This sub-list embraces financial claims where the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a party, claims under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 and claims involving regulators (other than the Pensions Regulator).
  • The Pensions List (PE): This sub-list embraces claims where pensions are the subject matter of the dispute and includes claims relating to pensions trusts and claims unrelated to trusts law, such as claims for professional negligence against former advisers. Claims arising from actions taken under statutory powers, such as those of the Pensions Regulator, also come within this list, as do Pensions Ombudsman appeals.