Message from Lord Burnett, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales: New Criminal Practice Directions 2023

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The Criminal Practice Direction 2023 has been amended (effective 2 October 2023 and 7 November 2023). Further information can be found at First Amendment to the Criminal Practice Directions 2023 – October 2023 – Courts and Tribunals Judiciary and Second Amendment to the Criminal Practice Directions 2023 – November 2023 – Courts and Tribunals Judiciary

Today (19 April 2023) I am issuing the new Criminal Practice Directions 2023, which replace the current Criminal Practice Directions 2015 as amended. They will come into force on Monday 29 May 2023.

In 2020, I appointed a small judicial led working group to undertake a review and revision of the Practice Directions, to ensure they contain only the level of information that is necessary, in a style which makes that information easy to find and understand.

I would like to thank the members of the working group for their dedication to meeting that aim. These new practice directions will continue to promote consistency of practice and provide essential guidance in a more succent, easy to follow style.

The following sections of the current practice directions will remain in force until they are replaced by Criminal Procedure Rules, in October 2023, as agreed by the Criminal Procedure Rules Committee:

  • CPD I 3Q Failure to comply with requirement to give name, date of birth and nationality
  • CPD I 5C Issue of medical certificates
  • CPD II 7A First court attendance after charge and detention,
  • CPD III 14C.11 failure to surrender to bail: consequences and penalties
  • CPD VI 24A Role of the justices’ clerk/legal advisor
  • CPD VII J Bind over orders and conditional discharges
  • CPD XI 48A Contempt in the face of the magistrates’ court

Lord Burnett of Maldon
Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales