Practice Note by the Chancellor of the High Court: The Chancery Guide 2022

Chancellor of the High CourtChancery DivisionSir Julian FlauxPractice Guidance

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  1. The new Chancery Guide was published on 29 July 2022. This Practice Note accompanies the first update published in October 2022.
  2. The Chancery Guide (PDF) is now available online with hyperlinks on the Courts and Tribunals Judiciary website. It has been substantially rewritten and revised compared with previous versions of the Chancery Guide and so merits careful reading by judges and practitioners alike.
  3. The new Chancery Guide seeks so far as possible to bring the practice in the Chancery Division into line with the practice in the other Business and Property Courts. The new Chancery Guide also applies in the District Registries out of London, save where local guidance is necessary.
  4. Apart from the Practice Notes, Guidance and Directions listed in the Schedule attached to this Practice Note, all other Chancery Division Practice Notes, Guidance and Directions are revoked, on the basis that so far as relevant they are otherwise incorporated in the new Chancery Guide.
  5. Practice Notes, Guidance and Directions may be issued from time to time by the Chancellor, Supervising Judges, Chief ICC Judge or Chief Master and will take effect from the date they are issued.
  6. Nothing in this Practice Note or the Chancery Guide substitutes or overrides the CPR including relevant Practice Directions.

Sir Julian Flaux
Chancellor of the High Court

July 2022
Reissued October 2022


The following Practice Notes, Guidance and Directions remain in force:

  1. PN: Companies Court: Company Restoration
    12 November 2012
    See Appendix D of the Company Restoration Guide (external link)
  2. PN: Companies Court: Unfair Prejudice Petition Directions
    1 May 2015
  3. PN: Variation of Trusts
    9 February 2017
  4. PN: Chief Master and the Senior Master’s joint Practice Note
    30 September 2017
  5. PN: Witnesses Giving evidence remotely
    11 May 2021
    Practice Note: Giving Evidence Remotely
  6. Practice Statement: Patents Court trial listing issued by Meade J
    Practice Statement: Listing of Cases for Trial in the Patents Court
    1 February 2022
  7. PN: Remote hand-down of judgments
    5 October 2022
    Chancellor’s Practice Note Remote hand-down of judgments
  8. PN: Disclosure in the Insolvency and Companies Court List (ChD)
    6 October 2022
    Chief ICC Judge’s Practice Note

Practice Notes, Guidance and Directions issued by the Supervising Judges:

PN: Business and Property Courts in Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, and Newcastle
29 July 2022
VC Practice Note July 2022

PN: Business and Property Courts in Manchester and Leeds
27 October 2022
Applications Lists: VC Practice Note Applications List