R -v- Curtis De Jean and others
Crown Court at Nottingham 1 June 2012 Sentencing Remarks ofHis Honour Judge Michael Stokes, QCThe Recorder of Nottingham——————————————————The Queen -v- Curtis De Jean and others

Majeed and Westfield – appeal
Case No: 2011/05781D5 AND 2012/00886D5 Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) on appeal from the Crown Court at Southwark (Majeed) and from the Central Criminal Court (Westfield) 31 May 2012 Before: The Lord Chief Justice of ...

R -v- Sam Hallam
No. 2011/04293/C5 Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) 17 May 2012   Before: Lady Justice Hallett DBE Mr Justice Openshaw and Mr Justice Spencer Betwee: R -v- Sam Hallam

R -v- Robert Healey & others
Neutral Citation Number: [2012] EWCA Crim 1005 No: 2012/1374/A7, 2012/1407/A1, 2012/1408/A2, 2012/1409/A4 & 2012/1925/A2 Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) 9 May 2012   Before: The Vice President, (Lord Justice Hughes) Mr Justice Cooke Mr Justice ...

Mrs G Christou and Ms M Ward
Appeal No. UKEAT/0298/11/DM UKEAT/0299/11/DM   Employment Appeal Tribunal At the Tribunal on 21 & 22 February 2012   Judgment handed down on 25 May 2012 Before: The Honourable Mrs Justice Slade DBE Mr M Clancy ...

Roshane Channer and Ruben Monteiro
Neutral Citation Number: [2012] EWCA Crim 1119 Case No: 201201418 A1 and 201201420 A1 Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) 23 May 2012 Before: Lord Justice Pitchford Mrs Justice Macur DBE and The Recorder of Carlisle ...