Message from LCJ and SPT: Judicial Diversity and Inclusion Update 2022

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Today’s update on the Judicial Diversity and Inclusion Strategy shows that real achievements have been made on implementation of the strategy since it launched over two years ago, and is a clear indication that the commitments made will have a positive impact.

The report highlights the hard work being undertaken and the progress being made under each of the strategy’s four core objectives. There is, of course, much more to do and the update commits to further action for the coming year, building on the work done so far. Please take time to read the report.

Since the last update we have benefited from expert research and the findings from the Judicial Wellbeing Survey giving us a greater understanding of inclusion, bullying, harassment and discrimination and how collectively we can tackle these.

We have worked with Judicial Associations to produce a Statement of Expected Behaviour that provides a shared understanding of the behaviour we can expect from one another, and that others can expect of us. It is important that all read this and understand their vital role in fostering an inclusive working environment.

New inclusion training focuses on how best to build on the positive elements of our culture and recognising the negative impact of exclusionary behaviour – and feeling confident to challenge – whether experienced directly or indirectly. It is being rolled out in phases: it started in November 2022 with senior leadership judges, is currently being extended to leadership and other senior judges, and will reach salaried and fee-paid judges, and the first of the tribunal members, from April onwards.

We encourage you to have conversations with your leadership judges on how to contribute to the wide range of activities.

We are grateful to all judicial office holders for their commitment to a diverse and inclusive judiciary.

Lord Burnett of Maldon
Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales

Sir Keith Lindblom
Senior President of Tribunals