Message from the Lord Chief Justice and Senior President of Tribunals: new site launch

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We are pleased to welcome you to the new and improved website, which has been launched today.

This new site has been developed following extensive research and feedback from a wide range of users.

We are very grateful to all those who took part and gave up their time to respond to the survey and interview requests.

Improving accessibility

The website developers have worked to create intuitive navigation routes for accessing content, recategorised significant areas of information and provided a much-improved search function. This will make it far easier for users to locate the information they are seeking and will considerably enhance the experience of using the site.

Making the new site more accessible and easier to use for the general public and for legal professionals has been a priority, and throughout the redesign particular attention has been given to updating text with clear language. The steps taken to make the content easier to locate have included categorizing anonymity orders and contempt of court notices separately from judgments and sentencing remarks.

As part of the process of creating the new site, all the historic content has been reviewed and updated. Significant areas of old content have been removed and is now available at the National Archives (external link).

New homepage features and content

The new design incorporates new features and sections which will help to publicise and support the work done by the judiciary, including outside of the courtroom, for example in schools and local communities. The site has been designed to highlight the issues that are integral to the delivery of justice, such as the importance of the rule of law. There are new and engaging educational resources including a new rule of law animation.

The new homepage features six selected jurisdictions which are representative of the diversity of the courts and tribunals judiciary. New sections have been created, including pages for content relating to the Commercial Court, the Chancery Division and the Tribunals. Shortcuts have been created on the homepage which link through to popular areas such as the Civil and Family Justice Councils, Appointments and Retirements and Live Streaming. These have separate, dedicated areas, making it easier for members of the public and legal professionals to navigate and find particular information.

Your feedback is welcomed

We hope you find the new site helpful and informative. We very much appreciate all the work that has gone into its development. We will continue to publish new content and features, so please keep an eye out for updates.  Feedback on your experience of using the new site would be very welcome. You can share feedback with the team by emailing using the subject line ‘new website feedback’.

Lord Burnett of Maldon
Lord Chief Justice

Sir Keith Lindblom
Senior President of Tribunals