The United Kingdom Association of Women Judges

The Association’s aims are to promote greater understanding and better resolution of legal issues facing women and issues concerning women judges, and in particular:

  • Encourage co-operation and collaboration among women judges;
  • Contribute to the understanding and resolution of legal issues facing women;
  • Increase understanding of the broad range of social, economic, psychological and cultural factors that influence women affected by the court system;
  • Increase understanding about women judges, their numbers, the processes by which they are selected, the barriers which may interfere with their selection, with a view to achieving a judiciary which more accurately reflects the population it serves; and
  • Increase understanding of human rights law and the role of the judiciary in implementing that law to promote and protect the rights of women on an equal basis.

The Association is affiliated to the International Association of Women Judges.

The UK Association works internationally to further the above aims.

It is an equal opportunities organisation, and thus welcomes both men and women as members. Members comprise holders of posts at all levels of the judiciary, Courts and Tribunals, fee paid and salaried, throughout the UK.

Visit the United Kingdom Association of Women Judges website (external link, opens in a new tab).