Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

The CJC’s Advisory Group on ODR published its report in February 2015. Here you can find the report itself, as well as some background information on its genesis.  Additionally, there are links to interviews with experts in the field of ODR, discussing its history, current application and future in helping people resolve their problems in civil law.

Watch a video of Professor Richard Susskind giving a brief introduction to ODR.

This is the full report of the CJC’s ODR Advisory Group, published February 2015. Online Dispute Resolution for Low Value Civil Claims

The ODR Advisory Group was set up in early 2014 and met four times during the course of 2014.

On behalf of the Online Dispute Resolution Advisory Group of the Civil Justice Council, I have pleasure in submitting this response to ...

This selection of the Group's working papers give a flavour of their methods - but not their final views on any issue

In this section you can watch or listen to interviews with the pioneers of ODR