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Judicial Office (JO)

The Judicial Office reports to the Lord Chief Justice and Senior President of Tribunals – its purpose is to support the judiciary in upholding the rule of law and in delivering justice impartially, speedily and efficiently. The JO was set up following the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, under which the Lord Chief became Head of the Judiciary with responsibilities in relation to:

  • representing the views of the judiciary of England and Wales to Parliament, the Lord Chancellor and ministers generally;
  • maintaining arrangements for the welfare, training and guidance of the judiciary, within the resources made available by the Lord Chancellor;
  • maintaining arrangements for the deployment of judges and the allocation of work within the courts.

The Senior President of Tribunals has parallel responsibilities for the First-tier and Upper Tribunals as well as the Employment Tribunals (for England and Wales; and Scotland) and the Employment Appeal tribunal.

The JO brings to its work a range of skills and experience – the team includes professional trainers, legal advisers, HR and communication experts, policy makers and administrators.