Upper Tribunal Judges

Judge BrewerAdministrative Appeals
Judge ButlerAdministrative Appeals
Judge ChurchAdministrative Appeals
Judge CitronAdministrative Appeals
Judge FitzpatrickAdministrative Appeals
Judge JacobsAdministrative Appeals
Judge L. Joanne SmithAdministrative Appeals
Judge JonesAdministrative Appeals
Judge MacMillanAdministrative Appeals
Judge Markus KCAdministrative Appeals
Judge MitchellAdministrative Appeals
Judge PerezAdministrative Appeals
Judge StoutAdministrative Appeals
Judge WardAdministrative Appeals
Judge WestAdministrative Appeals
Judge WikeleyAdministrative Appeals
Mrs Justice Heather Williams DBE (Chamber President)Administrative Appeals
Judge WrightAdministrative Appeals
Judge AlanImmigration & Asylum
Judge BlumImmigration & Asylum
Judge BlundellImmigration & Asylum
Judge BruceImmigration & Asylum
Judge CanavanImmigration & Asylum
Mr Justice Dove (Chamber President)Immigration & Asylum
Judge FrancesImmigration & Asylum
Judge GillImmigration & Asylum
Judge GleesonImmigration & Asylum
Judge HansonImmigration & Asylum
Judge JacksonImmigration & Asylum
Judge KamaraImmigration & Asylum
Judge KebedeImmigration & Asylum
Judge KeithImmigration & Asylum
Judge KopieczekImmigration & Asylum
Judge LaneImmigration & Asylum
Judge LindsleyImmigration & Asylum
Judge MaclemanImmigration & Asylum
Judge MandaliaImmigration & Asylum
Judge McWilliamImmigration & Asylum
Judge Norton-TaylorImmigration & Asylum
Judge O’ CallaghanImmigration & Asylum
Judge OwensImmigration & Asylum
Judge PerkinsImmigration & Asylum
Judge PickupImmigration & Asylum
Judge PittImmigration & Asylum
Judge PlimmerImmigration & Asylum
Judge ReedsImmigration & Asylum
Judge RimingtonImmigration & Asylum
Judge RintoulImmigration & Asylum
Judge SheridanImmigration & Asylum
Judge Lesley SmithImmigration & Asylum
Judge Stephen SmithImmigration & Asylum
Judge CookeLands
Mr Justice Edwin Johnson (Chamber President)Lands
Judge Rodger KCLands
Mrs Justice Bacon DBE (Chamber President)Tax & Chancery
Judge RaghavanTax & Chancery
Judge ScottTax & Chancery

*The date of appointment is shown as; i) the date the TCEA unified structure came in to force (i.e. 03-11-08, or ii) the date the chamber became part of the unified structure (if after 03-11-08, or iii) the date of appointment to salaried office if that was after the chamber became part of the unified structure.