Recorder Appointments

The Queen has appointed 99 Recorders on the advice of the Lord Chancellor, the Right Honourable Michael Gove MP, and the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, the Right Honourable The Lord Thomas of Cwmgiedd.  The appointments will take effect from 11 January 2016.  The Lord Chief Justice has deployed the Recorders as follows:

Crime Family
Midland Circuit

Carey, Jacqueline Anne

Ellenbogen QC, Naomi Lisa

Hallam, Jacob William

Herbert, Rebecca Mary

Kubik, Heidi Marie

Mills, Benedict John

Sjölin, Catarina Marianne

Smith, James Alastair

Thompson, Anupama

Walker, Timothy Robert

Warburton, Julie


North Eastern Circuit

Eckersley, Simon Richard

Greaney QC, Paul Richard

Harrison, Rachael

Kidd, Joanne Teresa

Singh, Dapinderpaul

Smith, Christopher James

Thackray, John Richard Dominic


Northern Circuit

Brandon, Louise Ann

Brown, Anne Margaret

Brown, Michelle Diane

Clemitson, Julie

Duck QC, Michael Charles

Grey, Philip John

Jefferies QC, Andrew

Jewell, Matthew

Johnston, Sarah Louise

Kennedy QC, Christopher Laurence Paul

Loram, Mary Caroline

Magennis, Olivia Anne

Pierpoint, Katherine Anne

Potter, David Andrew

Presland, Samantha Louise

Shaw, Andrew David

Swinnerton, David Michael

Woodhall, Gary


South Eastern Circuit

Bridge, David Stephen

Cohen, Samantha Louise

Davies, Claire Suzanne

Deacon, Emma Rebecca

Deal, Katherine Alison Frances

Duncan, Hannah Gillian Isabella

Elliott QC, Sarah Julia

Farbey QC, Judith Sarah

Higgs QC, Jonathan Alexander Cameron

Howard, Nicola

Laws QC, Eleanor

Lowe, Elizabeth Helen

O’Sullivan QC, Thomas Sean

Rajah QC, Eason Thurai

Shannon, Nicola Elizabeth Jane

Weekes, Mark Vincent


Wales Circuit

Crowther, Lucy Ellen

Rees, Caroline Elizabeth

Richards, Catherine Mary


Western Circuit

Agnew QC, Christine

Bussey-Jones, Elisabeth Barbara

Butt, Matthew Paul

Casey, Noel

Martin, Joanna Margaret

Midgley, Anna Victoria Jane

Rose, Timothy John

Taylor, Jason

Willcocks, Hannah Leahcim



Midland Circuit

Holland QC, David Moore

Norton, Andrew David

Picken, James Edward

Weir, Olivia


North Eastern Circuit

Campbell, Diane Eva

Grundy, Madeleine Jane

Hayes QC, John Allan


Northern Circuit

Afzal OBE, Fayyaz

Baker, Clive Adrian

Cains, Linda Hilary

Davies, Rhiannon Laura

Greenan, Sarah Octavia

District Judge Harris (aka Harris-Short), Sonia Ruth

Henley, Carly Elizabeth

Heppenstall, Rachael Elizabeth

McCabe, Louise Anne

Moore, Andrew David

Murden, Claire Elizabeth

Smith, Eleanor Rachel

Stonor QC, Nicholas William


South Eastern Circuit

Allen, Nicholas Paul Thomas

Briggs, Laura Judith

Bugg, Ian Stephen

District Judge (Magistrates’ Courts) Dawson, Celia Anne

Foulkes, Rebecca

Jones, Oliver Egerton

Reardon, Madeleine Jenny

Trowell QC, Stephen Mark

Williams QC, David Basil

Youdan, Charlotte Louise


Western Circuit

Barlow, Melissa Emma Benson

Calway, Mark Edward

Miller, Richard James

District Judge Ralton, Alexander Julius

Wicks, David Charles


































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