Recorder Appointments


The King has appointed 163 Recorders on the advice of the Lord Chancellor, The Right Honourable Alex Chalk KC MP, and the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Right Honourable The Lord Burnett of Maldon. The appointments will take effect on 30 May 2023.

The Lord Chief Justice has deployed the Recorders as follows:

Mrs Lena Amartey ElliottNorthernFamily
Ms Ella AndersonNorth EasternCrime
Mr Luke AshbyWesternFamily and Civil
Mrs Patricia AshtonSouth EasternFamily
Miss Joanne BarkerMidlandsCrime
Mrs Jennifer BartlettSouth EasternCrime
Mr William BeardmoreNorthernCrime
Ms Lucy BeaumontSouth EasternCrime
Mr John BeckleySouth EasternCrime
Mr Satyanand Beharrylal KCSouth EasternCrime
Mr Jonathan BellamyMidlandsFamily
Miss Amanda BewleyNorthernFamily
Mr Daniel BishopSouth EasternCrime
Mr Mark BradshawNorthernCrime
Mr Christopher BramwellMidlandsFamily
Ms Ruth BranderSouth EasternCrime
Ms Chloe Carpenter KCSouth EasternCrime
Mr Andrew CarruthSouth EasternCrime
Mr Kristian CavanaghNorthernCrime
Mr Matthew Chapman KCSouth EasternCrime
Mr Peter ClarkSouth EasternCrime
Mrs Jennifer CleeveNorthernCrime
Ms Helen ComptonSouth EasternFamily
Ms Justine ComptonSouth EasternFamily
Miss Vanessa CookeNorth EasternCivil
Miss Louise CoxMidlandsCrime
Mrs Natalie CuddyNorthernFamily
Mrs Georgina CurshamMidlandsCivil
Ms Claire Darwin KCSouth EasternFamily
Ms Rosemary DavidsonSouth EasternCrime
Mr James Davies MidlandsCrime
Ms Eleanor DavisonWesternCrime
Mr James Dawes KCSouth EasternCrime
Mrs Charlotte DeaneNorthernCrime
Mr Robert DedmanSouth EasternCrime
Mr Jonathon DeeMidlandsCrime
Miss Patricia DeighanSouth EasternFamily
Mr Alexander Dos SantosSouth EasternCrime
Mr William Douglas-JonesMidlandsCrime
Mr Mark DubberySouth EasternCrime
Mr David EdwardsSouth EasternCrime
Ms Catherine EllisSouth EasternCrime
Mr Carl FainSouth EasternCrime
Miss Lucy FaircloughMidlandsFamily
Mr Frank FergusonSouth EasternFamily
Mr Andrew FinlayNorth EasternFamily
Mrs Nicola FitchesSouth EasternCrime
Mr Brian FitzHerbertWesternCrime
Mr Nicholas FlanaganNorthernCrime
Mr Edward FranklinSouth EasternCrime
Mr Adam GaddSouth EasternCrime
Mr Elliot GoldSouth EasternCrime
Ms Rachel GoughNorthernFamily
Miss Emma GreenwoodSouth EasternCrime
Mr Christopher GroutSouth EasternCrime
Mrs Sara HamidSouth EasternFamily
Mr Benjamin HandyWesternCrime
Mrs Emma HarmanWesternFamily
Mr James HaySouth EasternCrime
Miss Shirley HennessyNorthernFamily
Mr Richard HerrmannNorth EasternCrime
Mr Neil Hext KCSouth EasternCrime
Mr Daniel HigginsSouth EasternCrime
Mr Andrew HillamSouth EasternCrime
Mr Michael HillmanSouth EasternCrime
Miss Sarah HoltNorthernCrime
Ms Andrea HopkinsSouth EasternFamily
Ms Eleanor HouriganWesternCrime
Ms Rebecca HowardNorthernFamily
Miss Claire HowellMidlandsFamily
Ms Celia HughesWalesCrime
Mrs Katherine IllsleySouth EasternFamily
Miss Amy JacksonMidlandsCrime
Ms Caroline JacksonSouth EasternCrime
Mrs Venetia JacksonSouth EasternFamily
Mr Stuart JamiesonNorth EasternFamily
Mr James JenkinsNorthernFamily
Mr Ranjeet JohalSouth EasternCrime
Mr Carl JonesNorth EasternCivil
Ms Catherine JonesMidlandsCivil
Ms Katie JonesNorthernCrime
Mr Mark JonesSouth EasternCrime
Mr Rupert JonesMidlandsCrime
Mr Peter KrepskiSouth EasternCrime
Mr Richard LittleSouth EasternFamily
Mr George LubegaMidlandsCivil
Miss Kate Lumsdon KCWesternCrime
Mr Iain MacDonaldSouth EasternCrime
Mr Michael MageeSouth EasternCrime
Ms Atiyah MalikNorthernFamily
Mr Zane Malik KCSouth EasternCrime
Ms Nancy MarshWesternFamily
Mrs Manisha MarwahaNorth EasternFamily
Mr Patrick MasonWesternCrime
Mr Gavin McBrideNorthernCrime
Miss Sarah McCannSouth EasternCrime
Mr George McDonaldSouth EasternCrime
Mr Paul MichellSouth EasternCrime
Mr Julian Milford KCWesternCrime
Miss Jodie MittellWesternCrime
Mr Jonathan Moffett KCSouth EasternCrime
Mr Robert MorrisSouth EasternCrime
Mr Nathan MoxonNorth EasternCrime
Mr Zia NabiSouth EasternFamily
Mrs Emma NashSouth EasternCrime
Dr Daniel NeillWesternCrime
Miss Georgina NolanNorth EasternCrime
Mr Timothy NutleySouth EasternCrime
Mr Sean O’BrienMidlandsCivil
Mr Richard O’HaganMidlandsFamily
Mr Ramin PakroohWesternCrime
Ms Claire PannellWesternFamily
Mr John Passmore KCSouth EasternCrime
Mrs Chloe Pawson-PoundsWesternCrime
Mr Daniel Pawson-PoundsWesternCrime
Mrs Deborah PiccosSouth EasternFamily
Mr Stefan RamelWesternCrime
Mr Jonathan Rees KCWalesCrime
Mr David RhodesSouth EasternCrime
Mr Jonathan RichardsSouth EasternCrime
Miss Charlotte RigbySouth EasternFamily
Mrs Alexandra RobsonSouth EasternCrime
Ms Christina RussellSouth EasternFamily
Ms Eleanor SandersonSouth EasternCrime
Ms Denise SaundersSouth EasternFamily
Mrs Zoe SaundersWesternCrime
Miss Carolyn ScottSouth EasternCrime
Mr Stuart ScottSouth EasternFamily
Miss Sonya ShahSouth EasternFamily
Mr Mark ShepherdNorthernCrime
Ms Navneet SherSouth EasternCrime
Ms Louise SillisSouth EasternCrime
Mr Daniel SillsNorth EasternFamily
Mr Richard SingerSouth EasternCrime
Mr Ranjit SinghSouth EasternFamily
Miss Saira SinghMidlandsCivil
Miss Ayesha SmartNorth EasternCrime
Mr Robert SmithMidlandsCrime
Mr Gordon StablesNorth EasternFamily
Mr Paul StaggMidlandsCrime
Mr Matthew StanburyNorth EasternCivil
Miss Julie StatherSouth EasternFamily
Mr Daniel SteinSouth EasternCrime
Mr Daniel StevensonSouth EasternCrime
Miss Catriona StirlingSouth EasternFamily
Mr Richard StubbsNorth EasternCrime
Mrs Joanna ValentineSouth EasternFamily
Dr Martina Van der LeijSouth EasternFamily
Mr Andrew VinsonNorthernCrime
Mr Tom WainwrightSouth EasternCrime
Mr Andrew WalkerNorth EasternCrime
Miss Vivian WaltersSouth EasternCrime
Mr Thomas WebbWesternCrime
Miss Gemma WhiteWesternCrime
Miss Anne WhyteSouth EasternCrime
Mr James Willan KCSouth EasternCrime
Mr Benjamin Williams KCSouth EasternCrime
Mr Stephen WilliamsMidlandsFamily
Ms Christine WilsonSouth EasternCrime
Ms Helen WolstenholmeMidlandsCrime
Miss Janine WolstenholmeNorth EasternCrime
Mr Andrew WorthleySouth EasternFamily
Mr Alexander WrightSouth EasternCrime