Recorder Appointments


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The Queen has appointed 159 Recorders on the advice of the Lord Chancellor, The Right Honourable Robert Buckland QC MP, and the Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales, The Right Honourable The Lord Burnett of Maldon. The appointments will take effect from 16 September 2019.

The Lord Chief Justice has deployed the Recorders as follows:

Name Circuit Jurisdiction
Mr Richard James Adkinson Midland Civil
Mr Matthew William Boyle Midland Civil
Mr Paul Andrew Burns Midland Civil
Ms Louisa Joanna Ciecióra Midland Civil
Mr Eugene Christopher Egan Midland Civil
Mrs Esther Ruth Gamble Midland Civil
Mr William Martin Philip Goudie QC Midland Civil
District Judge Sarah Ann Louise O’Brien Midland Civil
Mr Malcolm Peter Sheehan QC Midland Civil
Mr Andrew Ronald Warnock QC Midland Civil
Mr Matthew Paul Weaver Midland Civil
Mrs Gemma Jane Witherington Midland Civil
Miss Lucy Anne Wyles Midland Civil
Mr Benet Xan Brandreth QC Midland Crime
Mr Richard Jolyon Harold Davis Midland Crime
Mr William Neal Davis Midland Crime
Miss Francesca Anna Levett Midland Crime
Mr Peter Blondel Marquand Midland Crime
Mr Andrew O’Connor QC Midland Crime
Mr Martin Joseph Reid Midland Crime
Ms Alice Antonia Sims Midland Crime
Mr Charles Aubrey Morgan Thomas Midland Crime
Ms Lois Stephanie Aldred Midland Family
Mr Simon Ash Midland Family
Ms Amy Caroline Jacobs Midland Family
Mr John Ashley Kimbell QC Midland Family
Mr David James Martin Richards Midland Family
Mr Daniel Joseph Robinson Midland Family
Mr Ross David Talbott Midland Family
Miss Rebecca Lucy Wade Midland Family
Mr Matthew Patrick Walsh Midland Family
Ms Elizabeth Louise Willsteed Midland Family
Mr Mark Indra Worsley Midland Family
Miss Angharad Kate Davies North Eastern Civil
Mr Stephen Michael McNamara North Eastern Civil
Mr David Niaz Mohyuddin QC North Eastern Civil
Mr Richard Mark Paige North Eastern Civil
Mr David Michael Graham Brooke QC North Eastern Crime
District Judge (MC) Michael Leonard Fanning North Eastern Crime
Mr Craig Jonathan Hassall North Eastern Crime
Mr Alexander William Christopher Menary North Eastern Crime
District Judge Anesh Bhumin Laloo Pema North Eastern Crime
Mr Jason Karl Pitter QC North Eastern Crime
Judge Kirstie Ann Watson North Eastern Crime
Miss Sara Elizabeth Anning North Eastern Family
Mr Dominic Richard Noel Bayne North Eastern Family
Ms Susan Elizabeth Boothroyd North Eastern Family
Dr Stephen Paul Brown North Eastern Family
Mr James William Browne North Eastern Family
Miss Helen Margery Ruth Gardiner North Eastern Family
Mrs Kerry Rachel Gate North Eastern Family
Ms Kathryn Elizabeth Hayes North Eastern Family
Mr Shufqat Mahmood Khan North Eastern Family
Mr Harvey Murray North Eastern Family
Mr Simon Pallo North Eastern Family
Mr Martin Christopher Rose North Eastern Family
Mr David Lee Scott North Eastern Family
Miss Helen Claire Trotter North Eastern Family
Mrs Aisha Wadoodi North Eastern Family
Mr Nicholas Frederick Avery Worsley North Eastern Family
Mr Philip David Barnes Northern Family
Mr Richard Charles Carter Northern Family
Miss Alice Felicity Dobbie Northern Family
Mr Mark Heptinstall Northern Family
District Judge Shelley Claire Hesford Northern Family
Mr Paul George Hodgkinson Northern Family
Mr Peter Thomas Horgan Northern Family
Miss Anna Louise Pope Northern Family
Miss Karen Lesley Ridge Northern Family
Ms Ayesha Louise Siddiqi Northern Family
Mr Neil Morris Usher Northern Family
Mr Nicholas William Edwin Williams Northern Family
Mr John Marshall Anthony Dagnall South Eastern Civil
Mr Julian Robert Gibbons South Eastern Civil
Mr Stephen Brian Midwinter QC South Eastern Civil
Mr Graeme James Robertson South Eastern Civil
Miss Rachel Alexia Drake South Eastern Crime
Mr Antony Philip Dunne OBE South Eastern Crime
Mr Philip Douglas Edwards QC South Eastern Crime
Mr Philip Evans QC South Eastern Crime
District Judge (MC) Alexander Marc Jacobs South Eastern Crime
Mr Alex Richard Lock South Eastern Crime
Mr Darren Keith Reed South Eastern Crime
Mr Sam Andrew Robinson South Eastern Crime
Mr Michael Anthony Roques South Eastern Crime
Mr Paul James Sharkey South Eastern Crime
Mr Charles Isaac Sherrard QC South Eastern Crime
Mr Nicholas Yeo South Eastern Crime
Mr Simon Arthur Baker South Eastern Family
Mr Subhankar Banerjee South Eastern Family
Mr Stephen Archer Beck South Eastern Family
Mr Daniel Robert Benjamin South Eastern Family
Miss Joy Brereton South Eastern Family
Mr Russell Neil Richard Butland South Eastern Family
Ms Joanne Michelle Cecil South Eastern Family
Judge Thomas Henry Church South Eastern Family
Mr Nicholas William Joseph Clapham South Eastern Family
Ms Sarah Jane Margaret Counsell South Eastern Family
Ms Rachel Crasnow QC South Eastern Family
District Judge Martin Davis South Eastern Family
Miss Francesca Margherita Del Mese South Eastern Family
Mr Paul Gerard Donegan South Eastern Family
District Judge Sarah Marjorie Ellington South Eastern Family
Mr Matthew Fletcher South Eastern Family
Miss Victoria Flowers South Eastern Family
Mr Simon Charles Forshaw South Eastern Family
Mr Julien Andrew Stewart Foster South Eastern Family
Ms Dorothea Susan Gartland South Eastern Family
Mr Paul Anthony Goodrum South Eastern Family
Ms Laura Jane Heaton South Eastern Family
Mr Matthew James Hellens South Eastern Family
Mr Simon Anthony Heptonstall South Eastern Family
Mr Rex Andrew Howling QC South Eastern Family
Mr Paul Jarvis South Eastern Family
District Judge Graham Stuart Jones South Eastern Family
Mr Sean William Jones QC South Eastern Family
Mr Richard Bernard Kelly South Eastern Family
Ms Siobhan Frances Kelly South Eastern Family
Mr Geoffrey Llewelyn Woodward Kingscote QC South Eastern Family
Miss Anya Louise Lewis South Eastern Family
Mr John Michael Liebrecht South Eastern Family
Mr James Lofthouse South Eastern Family
Mr Alexander Edward Mills South Eastern Family
Judge Mark Robert Mullen South Eastern Family
Mr Ian Alun Newport South Eastern Family
Mr Ronan Daniel James O’Donovan South Eastern Family
Mr Dharmesh Patel South Eastern Family
Miss Katie Phillips South Eastern Family
Mr Mathew John Purchase South Eastern Family
Miss Mary Robertson South Eastern Family
Mr Mark St John William Roscoe South Eastern Family
Mr Oliver Charles John Saxby QC South Eastern Family
Mr Morgan Sirikanda South Eastern Family
Mr David James Edward Stevens South Eastern Family
Mr Christopher William Stirling South Eastern Family
Mr Matthew Glenn Stott South Eastern Family
Ms Amy Caroline Street South Eastern Family
Miss Valeria Swift South Eastern Family
Mr Paul Richard Taylor QC South Eastern Family
Mr Gareth James Weetman South Eastern Family
Mr Richard George Wheeler South Eastern Family
Employment Judge Neville Wayne Beard Wales Civil
Mr Benjamin Ross Blakemore Wales Civil
Employment Judge Barry James Clarke Wales Civil
Mr Richard Kember Wales Civil
Mr Mark James Cotter QC Wales Crime
Mr Dyfed Llion Thomas Wales Crime
Mr Paul Hobson Wales Family
District Judge Jonathan George Holmes Wales Family
Mr Timothy David Christian Jowett Wales Family
District Judge (MC) Shomon Khan Wales Family
Mr Neil Robert Owen-Casey Wales Family
Miss Rebecca Bradberry Western Family
Mr James Oliver Cranfield Western Family
Employment Judge John Crosfill Western Family
Mrs Carla Ann Flexman Western Family
Mr Malcolm Frank Parkes Western Family
Mr Tobias Augustine William Riley-Smith QC Western Family
Mr Michael Richard Veal Western Family