Sources of advice and support

External Advice

Please note that the Employment Tribunals form an independent judicial body and cannot give you legal advice. You might be able to get advice from some of the sources below. The Employment Tribunals are not responsible for the advice such organisations might give. Your attention is drawn to the disclaimer which appears in the terms and conditions section at the foot of this web page.

ACAS Advice home page

Citizens Advice

Law Centres


Equality Advisory Service

Employment Law Association – Litigant in Person Support

Support through court

Some regions have produced leaflets giving information about where advice might be available.  You can access those leaflets at the following links:

London Central (PDF)

London East (PDF)

Midlands East (PDF)

Midlands West (PDF)

North West (PDF)

South East (PDF)

South West (PDF)

Wales English (PDF)

Wales Welsh (PDF)

National (PDF)