At an Employment Tribunals (Scotland) Hearing

For an in-person hearing, you will be told its time and date and where you need to be. You will either be required to walk through a security arch or else be scanned with a hand-held detector. Please tell security staff if you have any medical implants (such as a pacemaker) which may be affected or detected by the scanner. You will also be asked to allow officers to conduct a visual search of the contents of any bags. You may have prohibited items removed. These include any bladed article or tools. There are further details of what you can expect when entering a courts or tribunals building available online.

Mobile telephones, pagers and similar devices must be turned off before you enter the hearing room. It is a criminal offence to take photographs or video recordings of a hearing. You cannot make an audio recording without the express permission of the Tribunal, which may be refused, but otherwise you are free to use a laptop or tablet computer. Power charging facilities may not be available.

The Employment Tribunals will not photocopy documents for you.

There is more information on the website, explaining “who’s who” at an Employment Tribunal hearing.

Separate guidance is available in respect of video hearings.