Further Information

You can find further information about the Employment Tribunals at the following websites:

Employment Tribunal Forms and Guidance home page (opens in a new tab)

Who’s who at a hearing (opens in a new tab)

Find a Tribunal (opens in a new tab)

HMCTS Media Guidance (opens in a new tab)

Gov.uk Calculators:
Redundancy Pay (opens in a new tab)
Holiday Entitlement (opens in a new tab)

Statutory Guidance
Meaning of Disability (opens in a new tab)
Equality and Human Rights Commission Code of Practice on Employment (opens in a new tab)

Equal Treatment Bench Book

How to join a CVP Hearing

Video Hearings at the Employment Tribunal (opens in a new tab)

ACAS Early Conciliation home page (opens in a new tab)

User Groups

You can read minutes of national and regional User Group meetings here.

External Advice

Please note that the Employment Tribunals form an independent judicial body and cannot give you legal advice. You might be able to get advice from some of the sources below. The Employment Tribunals are not responsible for the advice such organisations might give. Your attention is drawn to the disclaimer which appears in the terms and conditions section at the foot of this web page.

ACAS Advice home page

Citizens Advice