At its January 2024 Council meeting, the Civil Justice Council (CJC) approved the creation of a working group on enforcement.  


  1. HHJ Karen Walden-Smith (chair) – Circuit Judge member of the CJC
  2. Senior Master Cook – Judiciary
  3. Nicola Critchley – CJC member
  4. Tessa Wearing – MoJ
  5. David Parkin – Enforcement Conduct Board
  6. DJ David Robinson – District Judge member of the CJC
  7. Charles Roe – UK Finance
  8. Genevieve Richardson – Stepchange
  9. Alan J Smith – High Court Enforcement Officer Association

Terms of Reference

The CJC’s statutory functions include (a) keeping the civil justice system under review, and (b) considering how to make the civil justice system more accessible, fair, and efficient. The working group will seek to understand policy landscape for enforcement and identify and recommend to CJC areas of further inquiry if necessary.