New working group – impact of Jackson reforms

A new CJC working group has been set up to consider and advise the Council on issues arising from implementation of the review of civil litigation costs (save in respect of damages-based agreements). The working group will be chaired by Alistair Kinley, a CJC member. A list of members of the group can be found below and the draft terms of reference below. The first meeting of the group was held in June 2014.


Alistair Kinley
District Judge Ayers
Steven Green
Mark Harvey
David Johnson
David Marshall
Maura McIntosh
John Mead
Professor Rachael Mulheron
Jenny Screech
Peter Smith

Terms of reference

1.  To advise the Civil Justice Council about issues arising from implementation of the Review of Civil Litigation Costs     (save in respect of damages-based agreements).

2.   In particular, to investigate and report to the Council on:

a)  transitional questions in conditional fee agreement cases due to changes in the client’s status or the lawyer’s status, or basis of instruction, happening after commencement,
b)  arguments for and against extending Qualified One-way Costs Shifting to other categories of case characterised by an asymmetric relationship between the parties, such as actions against the police and solicitors’ professional negligence in injury claims.

3.   To consider any other relevant topics, including points brought to the Council’s attention at its conference on 21st March 2014.

4.    To make, where relevant, proposals for improvement designed to smooth the process of implementation and to facilitate access to justice.