Costs of civil litigation

Impact of the ‘Jackson’ reforms – conference

The following is a selection of the materials made available to delegates at the CJC event that took place on Friday, 21 March 2014. The aim of the event was two-fold – namely:

1. To provide a forum for the discussion of the impact on the civil justice system of the Jackson reforms, in the light of the experience of judges, lawyers, advice agencies and other civil court users; and

2. To identify and discuss aspects of the new system that are not working as smoothly as intended, in order to make recommendations for ready solutions, where they exist, and other possible improvements.

The CJC invited organisations and individuals with an interest in the civil justice system to submit papers in advance of the event describing their experiences of the practical impact of the reforms, and it is a selection of the responses to that invitation that are reproduced below now.

Details of the reports from the Civil Litigation Costs Review can be found below:

Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Preliminary Report

Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Reports

Review of Civil Litigation Costs: Appendicies