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The Civil Justice Council has approved the creation of a Costs Working Group.

The working group will consider four areas:

  • A review of Costs Budgeting
  • A review of Guideline Hourly Rates (GHRs)
  • Examination of costs under pre-action protocols/portals and the digital justice system
  • Consideration of the wider impact of the extension of Fixed Recoverable Costs (FRC)

The work will be overseen by a steering group. The steering group will liaise with a wider working group composed of representative interests, as necessary throughout the process.

Steering Group

  1. Birss LJ (Deputy Head of Civil Justice)
  2. Joanna Smith J (High Court Judge)
  3. Master Amanda Stevens (Queen’s Bench Master)
  4. HHJ Nigel Bird (Circuit Judge)
  5. DJ Judy Gibson (CJC & Regional Costs Judge)

Wider Working Group

  1. Master Gordon-Saker (Senior Costs Master)
  2. DJ Simon Middleton (Regional Costs Judge)
  3. Master Kaye (Chancery Master)
  4. Nicholas Bacon (Costs Barrister)
  5. Nicola Critchley (CJC & Defendant solicitor)
  6. Brett Dixon (Claimant solicitor)
  7. Larry Shaw (CILEx)
  8. Jack Ridgway (Costs Lawyer)
  9. Robert Wright (Ministry of Justice)
  10. Elisabeth Davies (CJC & Consumer Interest)
  11. Paul Seddon (Legal Aid Practitioners Group)
  12. Andrew Higgins (CJC & Academic)