Financial Remedies


An ad hoc committee to respond to financial remedy matter as and when they arise.


Mr Justice Peel (Chair)
DJ Judith Crisp
Rebecca Bailey-Harris – Barrister
Prof Anne Barlow – Professor of Family Law at University of Exeter, Academic
Mrs Jane Craig – Private Law Solicitor
His Honour Judge Edward Hess – Judge
Sarah Hoskinson – Solicitor
Philip Marshall QC – Silk
Prof Emma Hitchings – Professor of Family Law at Bristol university, Academic
Jeffrey L Nedas – Principal Chartered Accountant
Simon Piggott – Solicitor
Rhys Taylor – Barrister
His Honour Judge Philip Waller – Judge
Peter Watson-Lee – Solicitor
Sheren Guirguis – Barrister


  • Responses to consultations
  • Updating the financial remedy guidance on the website
  • Being on hand to help the FRC such as helping to draft information guidance
  • Any wider FJC work which would benefit from some financial remedy input

Outputs published by this working group:

Response of the Family Justice Council to the Pensions Advisory Group (PDF)